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Outstream Video

We provide all types and all sizes of outstream Video: Incontent Outstream and Slider Oustream Advertising.

Our lightweight player delivers targeted, brand-safe, valuable advertising for our publishers to increase revenue without the need of video content production.

Content player

Our new content player creates videos based on your RSS feed.

With this brand new technology we can raise the page views in the promoted articles up to 15% 

On top of this, we play high CPM instream ads between the content to increase revenue for publisher.


Adrefresh technology refresh all publisher´s viewable adunit after a min of 30s.

The technology is IAB standard compliance which can help increase publisher´s whole display banner revenue up to 25%


About us

Global Sun Co. Ltd provide advanced one tag solutions that boost the revenue without additional work from the publisher.

Our technology is on the front line of the media world, always thriving for the best result.

We connect our own direct demand from our SSP.


$36 M






Demand Partners

Direct Advertisers 


Outstream video monetization with a twist

We are proud to partner with Daily Mail UK, a major news portal in the UK. With Content Player and Outstream Video Advertising as well as Adrefresh technology, our projects with Daily Mail UK has yield 135% more revenue for the publisher.

Instream programmatic demand for TV OTT

Bongo TV OTT app has gained great tractions in the recent years. Together with Bongo´s demand partners, we have carried out major instream video advertising campaigns for major brands.

Any App can earn advertising revenue

Biznessapp is a great platform for any business to develop their app fast and easy. We have worked with Bizessapp to provide app developers with High impact and high yield In-app video advertising.




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